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Founder - Mr. Rakessh Patel

Diya Iinvestment and Insurance is spearheaded by none other than the prominent, Mr. Rakesh Patel. He is a celebrated financial planner, advisor, and insurance agent who will sail with you in your dream of securing a better future for your family.

Since six years he has been achieving the Best Performance Award at the Bombay International Convention. He has been receiving the Corporate Club Member award since 2008. He is one of the 72 Corporate Club members all over India and one of the two Corporate Club members in Surat. He has attended numerous seminars, conferences and workshops in India and abroad making him more competitive and efficient. He became MDRT in 2006 for the first time and a double MDRT in 2007. From 2008 to date, he has acted as a COT in LIC of India. Considering his services and huge business, the LIC has elevated him to Chairman Club Member which is a prestigious Club-membership in the Corporation.

At Diya Iinvestment and Insurance, rest assured that there is a prearranged and focused approach followed to provide you with the ideal portfolio solution to address your desired financial goals. We put forward a complete range of financial solution as well as advisory services.

He is always keen to take initiative in several social welfare programs throughout these years. He is actively participating and helping needful people and groups in terms of financial & advisory aid to fulfil their needs.

Diya - The Journey

With a leader who works with at most conviction and responsibility, you can expect nothing less from his team. This vision to become India's most admired insurance and investment agency is based on Diya’s unique set of values –

CARE, which are: Concern, Awareness, Reliability, and Excellence.

  • Here are few of the direct services offered by us:
    1. Protection against rising health expenses
    2. Development of the habit of thrift
    3. Safe and profitable long-term investment
    4. Assured income through annuities
    5. Protection plus savings over a long term
    6. Growth through dividends
    7. Facility of loans without affecting the policy benefits
    8. Tax Benefits
    9. Mortgage Redemption
    10. Opportunities for Wealth Creation
    11. Freedom from fear
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Diya - The Team and Infrastructure

The team of Diya takes an increased initiative to spread awareness about the insurance in the rural areas with Mr. Patel’s huge network of 7000 clients from all kinds of fields. Diya has proudly started with its services from a state of art centrally air-conditioned and computerized office of around 2100 square feet area in Adajan, Surat. The team of 13 is dependable, dedicated and optimistic.

With the continuous guidance of our leader at Diya Iinvestment and Insurance, we provide consultancy services to improve business prospects. Whether it is group life insurance, social security scheme, retirement income plan or even workman’s compensation, the relation between the employer and the employee is indisputably enhanced by the expert team at Diya!

At Diya Iinvestment and Insurance, we design and align our goals with that of our client! If wealth creation is your objective, Diya is your answer!

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